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Designs in Reality! (Wed, 15 Jun 2016)
The cushions have been at my house for ages waiting for me – real but not feeling real.  They were just sitting there – not doing a lot.  Until a […]
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Snails are moving quicker… (Tue, 10 May 2016)
At the moment, it feels like even snails are moving more quickly than I am.  But it’s for good reason, I have two business areas that I’m trying to build […]
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Rolling, rolling, rolling… (Mon, 29 Feb 2016)
Woohoo – things are beginning to move along. The clutch bag sample arrived from Bags Of Love, which has helped me to learn a bit more about what I want […]
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#Labels are in the post along with the l (Wed, 27 Jan 2016)
#Labels are in the post along with the lovely little #clutch #bag! Thanks @BagsofloveUK for the ever speedy turnaround times!
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I’ll be keeping an eye out for this! RT (Wed, 27 Jan 2016)
I’ll be keeping an eye out for this! RT: Keep warm without the layers with ThermalTech’s solar-powered outerwear
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Feeling slow! (Tue, 26 Jan 2016)
I’ve been feeling like I’m moving forward very slowly just now and not making any visible progress.  So I decided to take stock of what I’m doing to see if […]
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Products are becoming a reality! (Sun, 10 Jan 2016)
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Made in Canada (Mon, 04 Jan 2016)
I’ve been working on how I will transform my designs and focusing very much on “Made in Britain” – which is of great interest to those of us in Britain. […]
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Part 3 Decisions (Fri, 11 Dec 2015)
The samples were printed and 11metres of fabric arrived at my house.  I spent ages cutting each design out and inserting it into the display books I’d bought.  It works […]
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Part 2 Decisions (Mon, 07 Dec 2015)
I was clear from the outset that I want to do something of high quality.  While I was perhaps a bit extravagant in getting so many samples printed on silk, […]
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